Intercoolers "budget"

Budget intercoolers complete with end tanks and fittings for installation.

Intercooler 300x280x75

CODE: D1360

Air/air intercooler 300x280x75mm.

263.00 ( Excl. VAT )

Intercooler 300x450x75

CODE: D1365

Air/air intercooler 300x450x75mm.

310.00 ( Excl. VAT )

Intercooler 300x600x75

CODE: D1367

Air/air intercooler 300x600x75mm.

357.00 ( Excl. VAT )

Intercooler 300x600x100

CODE: D1669

Air/air intercooler 300x600x100mm.

432.00 ( Excl. VAT )