Air-to-liquid intercoolers

Air to liquid intercoolers are great in applications where you have limited space, very useful in marine applications.

I/C 230x280x90

CODE: D1552

Air-to-liquid I/C 230x280x90mm, 57mm hose connections, max 290hp.

909.00 ( Excl. VAT )

I/C 250x230x120

CODE: D1553

Air-to-liquid I/C 250x230x120mm, 76mm hose connections, max 400hp.

735.00 ( Excl. VAT )

I/C 290x320x115

CODE: D1555

Air-to-liquid I/C 290x320x115mm, 76mm hose connections, max 480hp.

881.00 ( Excl. VAT )

I/C 340x270x110

CODE: D1557

Air-to-liquid I/C 340x270x110mm, 76mm hose connections, max 600hp.

1,190.00 ( Excl. VAT )

I/C 270x490x110

CODE: D1558

Air-to-liquid I/C 270x490x110mm, 76mm hose connections, max 800hp.

1,190.00 ( Excl. VAT )

I/C 410x320x110

CODE: D1560

Air-to-liquid I/C 410x320x110mm, 76mm hose connections, max 1000hp.

1,332.00 ( Excl. VAT )

I/C marine

CODE: D1565

Air-to-liquid I/C marine, Length 430mm, suitable for max. 150hp.

741.00 ( Excl. VAT )

I/C marine

CODE: D1566

Air-to-liquid I/C marine, length 470mm, suitable for max. 260hp.

985.00 ( Excl. VAT )

I/C marine

CODE: D1567

Air-to-liquid I/C marine, length 502mm, suitable for max. 355hp.

1,454.00 ( Excl. VAT )

Water pump for I/C

CODE: D1569

Water pump for I/C, flow 35l/min.

280.00 ( Excl. VAT )